The Marriage Advice is Coming In!

We asked America’s elders to tell us their advice for love and marriage, and the lessons are pouring in! In this new project, we’re taking all we’ve learned from the Legacy Project, and applying it to the specific topic of love and marriage (and long-term committed relationships).

If you’re 60 or over, come to the site for the Marriage Advice Project and tell us your lessons for how to have a good marriage (or how to avoid a bad one!). And if you are not over 60, please pass this information on to friends and relatives who are!

Here’s inspiring advice we just received from an 82-year old – she and her husband were married 62 years ago!

What is the most important advice to give someone when at 82, you still hold hands with your 85 year old husband? How quickly the 62 years have gone by. We have five children and we always told them the reason for our long and happy marriage – whoever left first had to take all five children with them!!! They toasted us with this saying at our 60th anniversary celebration!

Humor can be the best resource in marriage – next to belief in God. In our family, God automatically came first and belief in His way has led us.

To have a sense of humor really takes the edges off of a tense situation – this is a nice way of saying “fight.” Do not tell my husband and me that you do not fuss or disagree – we will not believe you. For you are human and have differences of opinion and isn’t it wonderful – that way you have a choice!!!

From the start, we recognized that we were definitely individuals who had definite “likes” and we appreciated and respected that in each other. We led separate lives – together. I traveled, he hunted and fished – I did handwork and sewed – he played music. I loved romping with the children – he liked silence! We both love football. Together we made it by respecting each other.

Never lose touch – we call each other several times a day just to say hi. I am still working at 82 – he is home in a wheelchair, having lost his ability to walk – both cell phones have one special # we punch to reach the other to just say hi. It is still a thrill to answer the cell and hear him say “hi.”

One thought on “The Marriage Advice is Coming In!

  1. Thats really sweet of them to share their wonderful jouney with the blog. And must say the elderly are the best examples when it comes to learning the way of life in some way. The rate at which relationships crash these days its really gettting worse. Personally what I feel is time is the biggest enemy of people now-a-days everyone is runnning after something or the other people need to really understand each other before they can begin their journey together in life.

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