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The Legacy Project is devoted to collecting and sharing elder wisdom, and we’d love to hear from you. Please share your lesson in 100-200 words in the comment box below. Feel free to share your own wisdom, or advice that an elder shared with you. 

282 thoughts on “Share Your Lessons

  1. 1. Be sincere, accountable, and respectful in all issues
    2. Deal with others as you’ll have them deal with you.
    3. Deal with others with dignity and respect even when it’s most tough.
    four. Don’t blame others.
    4. Have a look at the optimistic issues others do. Not the unfavourable ones.

  2. My advice is go for the money. We now live in a two class system and it will only get worse. We have organic food versus non-organic; private schools versus public; first and business class travel versus cattle car travel; private security (gated communities) versus public police; regular mail versus tracked, faster mail.. The list goes on. Even cable television is now offering a “better service” for a fee. Basic services and education are now bifurcated into two classes, not to mention the expense of a college education. The future is clear. You can be a have or a have-not. The difference now is that it no longer applies just to luxuries.

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