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The Legacy Project is devoted to collecting and sharing elder wisdom, and we’d love to hear from you. Please share your lesson in 100-200 words in the comment box below. Feel free to share your own wisdom, or advice that an elder shared with you. 

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  1. While asking my dad’s friend on any general advice he’d give for younger generations, he responded with: ““If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” He confided in me that while you could plan your life to the fullest, you can’t control everything. In pursuing your dream, don’t be discouraged if you cannot achieve them, but be happy with what you have around you. He also stated that life can be long, and dreams can be achieved even in old age.

  2. My grandma, Gretchen, told me that everyone should live alone before they get married. This is a small part of her larger message: aging is easier if you know how to be alone with yourself. She thinks that some people these days don’t know how to be truly alone with themselves, and it only serves to make them more unhappy. Being content with being alone is key to successful aging.

  3. When I interviewed my grandma, she told me to never lose sight of my dreams and always continue to push myself. She said that I would never know how much I could possibly achieve, if I settled after I reached a goal. After you reach a goal, you should continue to challenge yourself. Lastly, she told me to always be happy and proud of who I am. She stressed the importance of sharing my happiness and joy with as many people as I can because it has the potential to make such a difference in someones life.

  4. This is the advice my father shared with me for my Life History Paper. This project really allowed me to know my father for who he really is, for what his life was really like, and I really enjoyed that opportunity. Hope you enjoy.

    “During my younger years I remember feeling (THINKING) like I was going to live to be 125 – 150 Years Old. Today, I no longer feel (THINK) that. BUT, what I do feel (THINK) is that at some point in time every High School/College Age Youth will have those moments of reflecting back and they will FEEL (THINK)… if I only knew then, what I know now!

    If I would share a message with all of our Youth of the World I would share the same message I have for my Daughters and Sons, Granddaughters and Grandsons.

    EDUCATION (USE YOUR HEAD – Learn to THINK things through) – Education, OR, a useable Skill Set is key to a solid starting foundation upon which you can build. A College Education DOES NOT guarantee gainful employment, BUT, it will provide you with the opportunity of having more options.

    EMPLOYMENT – You have to be able to take total care of yourself, but, you should aspire to find something to do that you are passionate about… don’t settle for “just a job.”

    FINANCE – Learn to live within your means. Once employed (or, earning an income) immediately set up a savings plan. If you do the math you will find that you can set up a retirement savings plan and still receive the same net pay. Learn to bank/save 10% of what you actually bring home. Establish and maintain good credit as you position yourself to buy your own home.

    FRIENDS – Establish and maintain deep Friendships… everyone you meet WILL NOT be your friend. Be selective! Your Friend will be someone who is with you through good times AND bad times. Your Friend will be someone who is like minded and not “always” needy. Your Friend will be someone you can talk to about anything and IT STAYS between you and that individual. Your Friend will be loyal and never betray you. Your Friend will be someone you will never want to put in a position to have to choose between right AND/OR wrong!

    FIND YOUR SOULMATE – Be open and keep your mind and eyes open… your “Soulmate” is out here. Recognize and embrace the possibilities.

    FIND YOUR PURPOSE… The 40 – 60 Hour Work Week IS NOT the reason for being born into this existence, on this Earth? Strive to find out and understand why you are here? Why are you on this planet? Why were you BORN?

    ENJOY LIFE (as we currently exist) – Find ways to give back, find ways to elevate some of those around you… when you leave you will be remembered, and, measured by the footprints you have left and the impressions you have made.”

  5. Alli Arndt
    My nana, Mary Kay, is 83 years old and has overcome many challenges and is full of good advice, which has aided me throughout life. When I asked her what advice she would give to young people she told me to “take every opportunity” because you never know what these opportunities may lead to. Mary Kay remembers that some of her most exciting times in life occurred when she said yes to opportunities and experiences that she was originally hesitant about. She also said that her job opportunities all came from unexpected opportunities and led to a shift in a career
    Mary Kay also advised me to find a good group of friends that you will be able to trust throughout life. She credits the support of her friends for helping her during challenging times of life. Mary Kay advises younger people to have fun and keep a positive attitude throughout life. I find myself very similar to my nana in the way that we try to see the good in life. This attitude helps me to deal with stress in a healthy manner.

  6. When I asked my grammy if she had any advice for the younger generation, she responded with many pieces of advice. The most important advice that my grandmother has for younger people is to follow the golden rule which is to treat others as you would want to be treated. Her next piece of advice was to respect others, even if you don’t like them and to be kind and understanding towards the world and all of the diversity that it brings. Don’t be selfish, do things for other people without expecting anything in return. She emphasized that fact that everyone should try to perform at least one kind action towards someone else every day. Eat healthy. Protect the environment. Learn another language. My grandmother wishes that she had known more about other cultures in her youth, and been more aware about the cultures outside of the United States and her heritage. Her last pice of advice for me to take away from this experience was that money isn’t everything, and that money cannot buy happiness.

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