Amazing Lessons for Living: From You!

We take time today to share new elder wisdom from a wonderful source: Our readers! We have had so many interesting contributions on our “Share Your Lessons” page.

Here are a few gems you submitted. Enjoy!

Communication advice from Lois:

Before you speak, ask yourself:

Is it true?
Is it kind?
Is it necessary?

I was taught this when I was in my 20s. At almost 61, I use this every day and would like to pass it along.

Sharon points out that we sometimes forget how much of a gift it is just to be cheerful:

I am seventy one years old and would like to share with the readers what I get from my eighty nine year old mother everytime I call her {which is mostly each day}. She answers the phone with the most cheerful voice of anyone else I talk to during the day. What that does for me is make me feel positive about my day . My mother is telling me everything is wonderful, even though she is taking care of my 93 year old father, who is a World War 11 Vet, my brothers twenty three year old autistic son, {she has had him since birth}, and she is loosing her eyesight. Answering the phone with a cheerful voice can be a lesson for all of us in a world that revolves around the negative, this is my becon of light.

From Audrey, beautiful testimony to the influence of grandparents:

I am almost 52 and am blessed with 5 generations living. My grandmother is 93 and this morning I am holding my breath waiting to see if she made it through the night in the hospital. Growing up in a military family we moved around the world and she was my only constant and best friend no matter how many miles between us. She encouraged the adventure when I was uncertain about a new place. She encouraged my dreams no matter how small or childish. It was always her face I saw in my heart when I was afraid. When I married she gave this one piece of advice and I’ve held to it…never go to bed angry. Even in their worst of fights, Grandpa put his arm out for her to come to him when they went to bed at night. I lost my Grandpa 32 years ago and am still sad from the loss. I know that the days to come will be the most difficult of my life….but I will never go to bed angry and will try to find comfort in knowing that Grandpa will be there waiting for her with his arms out.

And from Joan, a tip for child-rearing:

Don’t let the kids manipulate you by checking with you first and then your spouse. Have a clear line of communication with your spouse to avoid this and have a plan on how to deal with it. Teach your children to be independent and creative thinkers. Teach them not to follow the crowd and be blindly led, even by you as parents!

Thanks to all of you for contributing elder wisdom to the Legacy Project – and keep those entries coming!

2 thoughts on “Amazing Lessons for Living: From You!

  1. I start and end each day by counting my blessing and giving thanks. No matter how hard the day was or no matter how many tears I cried or not matter if I felt I failed the Lord and me… I find the joy and give thanks. I don’t sweat the small stuff any more..

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