With Children, It’s the Time that Counts

Many of the elders in the Legacy Project believe that when it comes to child-rearing, there’s one thing your kids want more than anything else: your time. Paul, 80, when asked about the key to successful child-rearing fully endorsed the idea that time spent together is the most important thing. Ultimately, the lesson came from his daughter:

Pay attention to your kids and read to them and be with them and help them grow up and I don’t think you do that from afar. I always read to my daughter when she was growing up and my parents always read to me. It’s a marvelous way to interact with them because they really appreciate it and they’ll tell you years later. That’s one of the things you do.

 Tragically, Paul’s daughter became ill with cancer in her fifties, and after a long battle, died. She let him know how important the time spent together was:

 The other thing I remember, when my daughter was so ill, she said, “You know, the one thing I always appreciated from you and mom was that you attended my events, my high school games, my band performances, all those kinds of things.” You don’t get that when they’re in their teens. When they get to be about 30, they say that was good, that was good for me to have you there. She was in the marching band and we always went to those things. Well I’ll say this, following a marching band and a football team around – I think that’s what you do with your kids, you have to be with them. They’re a project you have to do. Hopefully you teach them some of the principles you believe in.

4 thoughts on “With Children, It’s the Time that Counts

  1. I so agree with Paul. My adult children tell me how important it was to have me at their sporting events and school activities. Today, with grandchildren and great grandchildren, it is equally important. What a great feeling to have multiple generations there rooting for our children!

  2. It’s fascinating that so many of our respondents saw time spent with children as almost a “magic bullet” for child-rearing. They agree that being there for sports and activities is key. Thanks for posting!

  3. I unsubscribed from this list and am still receiving notifications. If anyone can help, I’d appreciate it. Didn’t know where else to go.

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