“You Have to Do What You Enjoy!” Three Great Tips for Making the Most of Your Work Life

Harry, 76, told the Legacy Project about his work life and what made his career successful and fulfilling. Good lessons for all of us trying to succeed in the world of work.work

1. Having worked as a psychology professor, university counseling center director, psychologist in private practice, and as a management consultant engaged in leadership development, I have learned that you have to do what you enjoy. We spend a great deal of time at work. If it isn’t enjoyable, isn’t stimulating, isn’t fun, if you don’t enjoy the people you work with, if it doesn’t have meaning for you, then find something that does. Life is too short to do something you don’t like and enjoy.

2. When engaged in your work, put your full amount of energy into it. I have worked with people who have regretted decisions about their work and their lives. It’s better to take the risk than to wait until later in life and regret not taking the chance.

 3. Give the gift of feedback. Many of us may shy away from giving critical feedback in the workplace. Some of us may shy away from giving positive feedback. If individuals have no awareness of the impact of their behavior, how can they change it? Awareness is necessary for change. Positive feedback helps to reinforce the behavior. The awareness that one may give to another is a gift, even though it may smart in the giving.

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