If You Hate Your Job: Get Out

Miriam has had several careers in her 72 years. She was a single parent for years, then she went to college and has worked as a writer,

trainer, and counselor. Miriam knows first-hand the difficulties of finding meaningful work while being under financial pressure to support a family.

I’ve had a very fulfilling career. It’s ongoing, still. It was the most important thing to find work that fit my principles. My life is about compassion and integrity and love and mostly service. It’s an important choice and a decision that I made. You must make wise career choices when you’re young.

If you fall in a career and you know that it’s not your cup of tea, if you did it because of your parents, or you thought it was what you wanted and you were wrong – get out right away! Because our lives are made up of two important things: work and love. If one of those is off balance, you know, you have a problem.

2 thoughts on “If You Hate Your Job: Get Out

  1. I very much agree with the point about not taking a career just because it is approved of by parents. I feel many young people feel obliged to take a certain life path just because they imagine their parents would approve of it. Ironically, without even discussing it with them.

    I think much of finding a suitable career comes down to realising you will change over time; if being an architect appeals at age 15, it might not still appeal in the same way at 25 when qualified. Be welcoming to change and work with it!

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