Growing Up Is the Work of a Lifetime

Maurice, 77, has a different take on the expression “live life to the fullest.”

The advice I would give to my grandchildren is to treasure every day of  their existence and to do their best at every task they face. 

I do not believe in “living life to the fullest” in the sense in which that expression is often used.  Most important when you look back on your life are the unselfish things you have done, the love and support you have  given to others, and the sense that you have made the most of your talents and  opportunities.

I have learned that growing up is the work of a lifetime and that  we should strive to continue growing until the end of our days.

2 thoughts on “Growing Up Is the Work of a Lifetime

  1. Thank you, Maurice. Your philosophy couldn’t have reached me at a better time. It’s high time, at 69, for me to stop kicking myself for not having “grown up” yet!

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