Connecting to the Universe: The Power Within Us

It’s probably no surprise that most of the elders endorsed the idea that faith and spirituality are important to a happy life. But there was a very wide diversity of beliefs. Some people were involved in mainstream religions, whereas others had developed their own spiritual perspectives.

Marie, 92, was married for nearly 70 years. Over the years, they provided a home to many foster children, and her work as a teacher allowed her to help many students over the years. Raised a Methodist, she has moved away formal religious participation. But she also recommended spiritual beliefs that help make sense of the universe:

It’s very important. There’s a vast difference between spirituality and religion. I feel that I have a very close relationship with the total power of the universe, that we give the name God, because we don’t know what else to call it. And I feel that it’s very important to maintain that connection to the universe, to the total power. And that little flake, the little tiny bit of the power that is within each of us, that is light, is a real connection.

It’s a bit strange, I had never heard anybody else explain the feeling of the total universe as I see it. The stream of eternity, no beginning, no end, flows on. And that is the sum total of all power. And every now and then a little flake of that power breaks off and goes into a vehicle like us. And as it travels along this highway, this detour, there are potholes, hills to climb, decisions to make, go this way or that way, and eventually the vehicle wears out and the little spark returns to the highway. So I’m continually seeking to be in harmony with that power. You know that when you feel good inside yourself about what’s happening. And when things are falling in place for you.

9 thoughts on “Connecting to the Universe: The Power Within Us

  1. Universe is Universe and God is God.
    Most people confuse about the power of Universe especially when the Law attraction become famous and part of psychic told everyone that we are from other planet and we are allien with specific mission to the earth.

    We are all servant for the GOD, we are the finest creature since Adam & Eve.

    The Universe is an Operating System created by God to assist the operation of life. the GOD says “I did not create the jinn and mankind except to bow to me “.
    do not be lulled by the beauty of the world and the deceitfulness of devil.

    you may request anything to Universe as an operating system. its like Windows in computer and respon for any requet…regardless good or not.
    you have to balance your physical requirement to the universe and keep praying for your non physical of you for the reward at the end of the world.

  2. We must ask ourselves where does the Universe come from?
    What is sin? Does the whole universe has LIFE? Is there GOD? If he exist, what is his Mission? Everybody need to know what is the purpose of our lives. Why do we EXIST?
    Why we are better than Universe? Universe is nothing but stones, gases, fire etc.,. Religion did not came from Universe nor God. Universe does not have Knowledge, wisdom, brain, thinking power, eyes, noes, ears, mouth.
    It does not have life. It is under one control. The controller is God. We are living humans. We have life. And more importantly we have GOD. He is the Beginning and End. God is the only WAY, TRUTH and LIFE.

  3. We must ask ourselves, Are we PERFECT with out SIN? Where does the SIN came from? We must know who we are? where we came from? who is the beginning and who is the end? We need to know the answers for this questions before talking about the Universe.

  4. I think that through GOD the universe does exist and offers us everything that we really trust in God for because it is said “Ask and you will receive” that is GODS promise to us, so all we do is through the Universe that HE has created “WE ASK”

  5. God is everything and everyone. We are part of Him. Sons of light.
    In my understanding.

    I don’t believe in any books. Why do we seek answer from others who also base their answer from another?

    Why do you believe that the bible is holy?

    If I don’t believe in Jesus Christ will I not be save? What of others who believes in Allah or other religions, will they go to hell?

    Answers that can’t even be answered by others.

    We seek answers from outside ourselves, therefore easily manipulated by others who seek control and domination. What is the purpose of religion?

    We adapt to the things that are introduced to us by others, particularly the government, and the media. Advertisements about hot dogs, cigarettes, things that will destroy you in the long run. Hot dogs have red powder added, it increases risk of cancer. Cigarettes? Nicotine of course, they tell you to smoke moderately, but do you know that everytime you smoke you’re drowning your lungs and its not repairable. And healthy women isn’t suppose to menstruate, it literally means bleeding, sadly medical books will say otherwise, its because of the egg being washout to the exit. Then why does other mammals particularly female mammals does not menstruate? No offense. Do not give me an answer that says because they are animals, we actually have the same anatomy.

    There’s a reason why we don’t know or remember anything from the moment that we’re born.

    We rely on the outside source for information. Take a time and slow down, life really is not a competition. You’re already rich inside. You don’t need the make-up to look good, the branded clothes, the shiny car. Stop, its a struggle to survive but regardless of that, even if you’re the poorest of the poor, if you only realize how important you are then you won’t have to prove anything to others. You will live a contented life by using the resources that has been given to you, if there’s more then appreciate it. It always amazes me how some people could be so peaceful and happy despite of hardships.

    Slow down, look inside you.

    Remember if the world is such a competitive world then why is there a gameover?

    Death comes to everyone. What’s the use of having more material things? Its a cover-up to our true nature.

    We seek growth and development inside, worldly things are just there to help us wirh our needs, clothes, shelter, etc. But we often forgot that its a speck compared to our inner self. We can simply live without the extra things. And rely onto each other for help.

    I often dream of a world not controlled by money. A world not centered around money. A world of equality where everyone is rich. And everyone does their job because they’re passionate about it. There’s no crime, no lies from the government and other people, and nobody needs to die from greed.

    Love, its not a rule. You want to love? Go on, try it, if you like it then stick with it.

    Hate, its not a rule. You want to hate? Go on, try it, if you don’t like it, then why stick with it.

    These are all my perceptions, you’re free to reject it. In the end it only ends up to you.

    Believe and trust in yourself, first. To love others, you need to know how to love yourself. God or no God, we are here to enjoy what’s like to be alive. You’re looking at something that is really a miracle. That is you.

  6. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Just spreading some love, I’m thankful for each and everyone on this post rather I agree or not it’s a lesson learned. I actually feel, God send messages in many different ways I asked a question & God waited no time to answer I love God the most high within me

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