I’m very grateful to the thousands of people who have read 30 Lessons for Living and spread the word to colleagues and friends. The attention to the book shows how much people care about capturing the wisdom of the oldest Americans before they leave us. 

For some reactions to the book, here is  a selection of recent media coverage:

The Washington Post recently did a feature article on 30 Lessons for Living.

I had a great conversation with Moe Abdou on his “33 Voices” show. You can listen here.

“The Week” magazine featured lessons from eight of the elders, and it gives a great sense of the flavor of the book: “8 Lessons for Living a Full Life.”

Here’s a recent TV interview on “Good Morning Alabama.”

The PBS Newshour devoted a segment to the book, with interviews with two wonderfully wise elders.

Jane Brody published a terrific column on the book in the New York Times.

The Chicago Tribune’s article conveys key themes in the book.

I am also grateful to Chelsea Clinton for her endorsement of the Legacy Project and the book.

And a recent  review  sums up what the reaction has been so far to the book:

“I highly recommend it for anyone who craves words of wisdom and comfort. If age is just a number, “30 Lessons for Living” is number one.”
But the most exciting  recognition that elder wisdom is critically important is this: Your support for this blog! We are now getting over 1000 visits every day, and most of you are viewing many lessons while you are here. Thanks to all of you for your interest, and for spreading the word about the Legacy Project!