Learn to Create Your Own Happiness

The consensus of the elders is that we can’t wait for external events to bring about happiness. They suggest we can make a choice not to brood negatively about life. If you’re struggling and need a lift, consider these statements from theLegacy Project elders:

I have learned the importance of getting out and doing things and making friends wherever you are, and not feeling sorry for yourself. (Juan, 71)

I had a very rough life, it would take me hours just to tell you what has gone on in my life. You just have to pull up your boot straps and keep on going. You have to make up your mind, you’ve either got to live one way or the other, it’s your choice. (Laverne, 82)

Here is what I have learned: I came into this world with nothing, my experiences are only mine and I will leave this world with nothing. The only one I can change is myself. You must learn to create your own happiness; you cannot depend on others to do this for you. (Cheryl, 86)

Don’t brood on any past shortcomings or failures. Learn what you can from them, resolve to do better, and live on. (Jerome, 69)

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