Adapting to Aging, with a Positive Attitude

One thing I learned from the elders in the Legacy Project is that they generally do not see aging as a fearsome process of decline. Instead, it can be enjoyed, based on a positive attitude, despite problems.

Rebecca, 92, told me:

Aging can be a wonderful experience. Don’t misunderstand me, there are aches and pains, they do come along and you think when you’re young, that’s not going to happen – but, oh yes, it does. But you learn to live with it and enjoy what you have been given by God.

And Sharon, 76, put it this way:

It’s hard sometimes, growing old is hard. But you just have to accept it and live each day to the fullest. A lot of people, if they get an ache or a pain or something then they think, “This is it.” Well you’ve got to just keep going and get the most out of every day.

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