Karl Pillemer gives keynotes, presentations, and workshops across the country on the Legacy Project, elder wisdom, and 30 Lessons for Living. For more information and details, please email Karl at legacyproject@cornell.edu.

Reactions from sponsors of recent presentations:

I have hosted and planned hundreds of creative, fun, compelling, events in my senior living career. Getting people to come to events at an Assisted Living community in a city with exponential choices is no small feat.  The best turnout and response we have ever received was in conjunction with hosting Dr. Karl Pillemer. Not only did he draw professionals but he also brought in seniors,  students and senior students.  It is also the only time that I have ever received a call asking me to re-invite a speaker!”

Julie Bolt, Marketing Director, Boylston Place, Epoch Senior Living

“Dr. Pillemer was the keynote speaker for our recent Hospice Hearts Luncheon. His presentation was well-received by our 400+ guests and left everyone wishing he had more time to speak!”

Diane M. Allvin Beach, Annual Giving Specialist, Providence Hospice & Home Care Foundation, Everett, Washington

“The wisdom that Dr. Pillemer has gathered from our seniors is amazing.  Thank you, Dr. Pillemer, for your inspiring presentation at our community.    My residents especially enjoyed the 1:1 chats with Dr. Pillemer after the presentation.   They were all made to feel special by Dr. Pillemer. “

Linda Pekarsky, Executive Director, Villas of Summerfield, Brookdale Senior Living

“Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational, educational and transformative work on lessons from the elders. We have been talking about the event all weekend.”

Shirley Moulton, Founder and Director, The Academi of Life, New York City

Reactions from participants

Great information and compelling presenter, witty and knowledgeable.

Outstanding – would love to see/hear this speaker again, much to learn.

This was heartwarming and so true now that I too am getting old, a wonderful workshop.

Very interesting!!! This touches on our clients but also touched me  on a personal level.

Funny, upbeat, informative, uplifting; he was wonderful!

The Best! Everyone should attend a lecture like this; great topic, great presenter.

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  1. Using my camcorder, I’ve started interviewing seniors to document their life’s story then I give a copy of the interview to their family. I’m passionate to learn from their wisdom and hear their stories before they can no longer tell them. There is too much history lived by a senior for it not to be documented. In a way to preserve their stories further, do you take interviews taken by the public for your data bases or for your archives. If you don’t, would you be able to give suggestions as to preserving these stores.

  2. Good question! This is a great idea. Anyone can do what we did for the legacy project: create a Youtube channel and post them there. As you saw on the site, we have a lot of videos available. There are other video sharing sites as well. Good luck!

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