A “Top Ten” List of Lessons for Keeping a Positive Attitude

I’m often asked: What are some “quick tips” from the 2000 Legacy Project elders? Here’s a list of ten short, on-target lessons for keeping your attitude positive despite the inevitable setbacks life brings – from our oldest interviewees. Take a minute to peruse the view from age 80 and beyond.:

1. “Paste a smile on your face in the morning.”

2. “Don’t plan too much about the future. Live life day by day, and let it lead you to unexpected places.”

3. “Always stay optimistic, no matter what happens. Try to think of the good side of things, and not worry about the little details. You’ll be much happier and lead a much better life that way.”

4. “Enjoy life. Make use of what’s around you, and just let yourself have fun”

5. “Don’t be stuck in the past, learn to change with the times.”

6. “Keep on going. This is important with whatever you decide to do. Push yourself to continue and finish what you’ve already started.”

7. “Don’t second guess what you’ve done — be happy with life and with what you do. Don’t regret things too much.”

8. “Learn to live in the moment. It’s calming in a world that is not very peaceful.”

9. “I’d say letting go is probably the most important lesson. In my life I’ve moved around a lot and I’ve had to learn to not live in the past, and to just live in the moment.”

10. “To try to enjoy life as fully as possible; be good to others, try not to worry about the future as far as how long you are going to live; do the best you can everyday.”

2 thoughts on “A “Top Ten” List of Lessons for Keeping a Positive Attitude

  1. Sunday, October 9th ,2011 I am 81
    The list is very helpful and I know the truth to be found in it!
    However, I am not very successful at the “pasting a smile on my face”
    everyday!!! Often at night “the movie” begins. Scenes from past life
    seem to rush by and I find it hard sometimes to push those regrets
    and thoughts out of the way! Not as difficult in the daytime!!

  2. Hi Chloe,

    That’s a great point – we need ways to stop “ruminating.” The elders actually had some great ideas, and we’ll do a post on this.

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