“All That Is Good is Within Us: Gustav’s Advice from Age 70

Gustav, 70, offers an uplifting lesson, telling us that “all that is good is within us” and urging us to laugh and, yes, to all that's goodhave fun!

Beloved friends,

The most important lesson I have learned is to live in the present moment. This is our gift, right here, right now. This is why it is called “the present.”

To see the outer world as a reflection of the inner world. If we would like to clean up the former, focus on the latter. Have fun. Laughter is great, belly laughter is greater.

All that is good is within us. If we want more peace, love, joy, health, happiness, etc. in the world, focus where we can have the greatest impact: within our own skin. Outside our skin we have very little control. As we clean up our mind, body and emotions, our essential goodness radiates clearly through us. This easeful, peaceful, useful joyful radiance has a greater impact than we can ever imagine.

The secret to life is to have fun. Listen to our own heart. Discover and respect our own gifts. Live a joyful life sharing our gifts through our thoughts, words and actions. Live like a child.

Laugh when we fall down, make mistakes. Get up, try again, laugh, fall down, try again. Success is ours. Everything else gives it flavor. Get up, fall down, get up. To inspire is to breather in or to motivate. To expire is to breathe out or to die. For as long as practical, follow each expiration with an inspiration.

3 thoughts on ““All That Is Good is Within Us: Gustav’s Advice from Age 70

  1. Very true. It does start with each person, each individual. But then we need to spread that ‘goodness/kindness/happiness’.
    It’s no good being happy, when everyone around you is suffering or miserable.
    I think we first need to sort ourselves out, then do what we can to help the next person.

  2. One of the best measures of success in our ability to clean up our mind body and soul, is to observe how the radiation of our inner goodness influences our surroundings.
    Earlier in my spiritual path, I attracted many situations which showed me there was an invisible wall between me and others. I could see how this had a real impact on the quality of my life, my health and my happiness.
    After refocusing my life energy to support mind body spirit principles and practices I noticed things change.
    The quality of my mental image towards others improved and the amount of spontaneously loving experiences increased. One of the most valuable changes to me is the reaction I occasionally get from little kids. Every so often, a small child that I hardly know will throw his or her arms up and with such a small gesture communicate the wish for a loving hug in a most direct way. Just a couple moments being with one of these children softens my heart deeply and reminds me what it is all about. My mind body and spirit shines!

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