From June, 84, a legacy to her grandchildren is this list of her life’s lessons. Perhaps we all should pass on a list like this!

Here is a brief summary of what I might tell my grandchildren:

1) Take care of your health early, as indulgences and poor habits in youth will catch up with you later on.

2) Care for all animals, support causes that protect them, and study them to learn important life lessons.

3) Lend a caring ear to others- they need your support and empathy.

4) Don’t try to change others- you can only change yourself.

5) Don’t discuss religion or politics with anyone unless you are sure they just want to exchange ideas rather than convert you.

6) Everyone has faults. Decide what faults you can live with in your friends and choose accordingly. Accept that everyone is different and it’s OK if someone is very different from you.

7) Use and challenge your mind very day.

8 ) Appreciate and give thanks for the good things around you everyday, such as a beautiful tree or gorgeous sunset, even if other things have gone wrong or you’re in pain. Enjoy and give thanks for every day as it’s a gift you’ve been given. So many people have it so much worse.

9) Keep an open mind and listen to others’ opinions.

10) Listen to your “inner voices” e.g. your instincts.

11) Be positive and optimistic about your life and the future. Positive people seem the happiest, and everybody likes them.

12) Most important- value and nurture friends and family. They’re your most valuable possession. Let them know how you feel about them. Be sure to be free with “thank you”. So many people find it hard to say.